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In this section of our service you will find Frequently Asked Questions and answers relating to the service functioning and the problems faced by its users.
We encourage you to send us your comments and questions:

Why should I register?

Registration allows the users to add their own advertisments and offers and gives them opportunity to:
1. Manage (i.e. add, update, modify, complement, delete or renew) your advertisements on our Website service in all possible categories.
2. Use our extender highlight features for a better advertisement exposure.
3. Contact other  users through our interactive messaging system, check the answers to your advertisement or correspond with other users.
4. Keep  your favorite advertisements (Clipboard), search for information (search engine) and compare advertisements (Compare).
5. Using a special offer package ad dedicated to selected groups of users
6. Receive a free presentation in the Breeders or Services Directory, and free advertising in blocks (e.g.Kennel Breeding Block, Cattery Breeding Block, Foundation Block, Association Block, Service Providers Block etc.)

Registration will take only a few seconds. It is completely FREE. All you need to do is to enter your e-mail address and password. Your account details are not shared and you will not receive spam

What should I do if I forget my password?
Without entering a password users will not be able to edit or change their advertisements, therefore they are to use forgotten password reminder option. To use the forgotten password reminder option the users are to enter the e-mail address they provided during registration and click  on Remind Password. Then one will automatically be sent a password.

How long does my advertisement stay on the Website Service?

The duration of an advertisements in Website Service differs depending on the category in which it appears and may be affected by a number of other factors, such as Category or Advertisement Plan. In the case of such categories as: Males Breeding, Females Breeding, He Cats, She Cats- advertisement is active for 6 months. For other categories the standard advertisement is active for 60 days.

How do I search advertisements?

In order to search for an advertisement, please write a word or a phrase in the search box and then please click on "Search" button. After that our Website’s advertisement database will be searched for any records containing the word or phrase. The second way is to choose the category that interests a user most, and then select the appropriate subcategory in the left column.
There will be displayed a list of offers for a given category after each selection. The user can also view them by using Filter.

How to make my contact data visible in the advertisement?
Contact data are visible in the offer details and in the "About the seller" bookmark.
For there is more contact information, log. Then click on "My Profile", select the "User Information" and fill up, or change the data.

I registered but cannot log in - why?
After registering please chceck your email account, since new users  will not be able to log in until they have confirmed their e-mail addresses. Right after they registered in Zoomia, they should have received an e-mail at the address that they registered with us. The e-mail from contains a special link. New users should click on the link to prove that they can receive e-mail from us. Login to the Website Service will only be possible after registration confirmation.

I posted an advertisement, but I do not see my email address in it.
E-mail address is hidden by default, thus you do not see it in the announcement.
Anyone who is interested is being able to use a contact form that is available under each announcement.
In order to make email address visible to other users, please go to the My Profile > Profile Info, select "Display e-mail to visitors," or go to the " Information about User" and enter additional e-mail.

Transaction Security shall have no responsibility, and does not accept any liability, for any transactions carried by the users.
Buyers make payments to vendors at their own risk.