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Nowi Reproduktorzy
Kocur perski zaprasza na randki,
Reproduktor FCI sznaucer
Krycie suczki rasy Parson Russell
Reproduktor maine coon-, śląskie
Samiec szuka suczki do pokrycia ,
Maltańczyk Pedro - Krycie,
Yorki krycie, mazowieckie Wyszków
Mały maltańczyk zaprasza suczki
Shih-poo szuka suczki do krycia,
REPRODUKTOR - Cocker Spaniel
Pies, Labrador Retriever - do
York - piękny malutki reproduktor,
Kocur brytyjski z rodowodem czeka
Krycie Pekinczyk o nietypowej
Biały pers, wielkopolskie Poznań
Reproduktor Brytyjski niebieski ,
Maltańczyk krycie, mazowieckie
Buldog francuski- krycie,
Shih tzu reproduktor z
Reproduktor,Amstaff,Z rodowodem
Reproduktor maine coon-MOCNEJ
Poszukuję partnerki dla
Poszukuję suni do krycia ,
Bernenski pies pasterski
Kocur kot brytyjski reproduktor
Yorki krycie, mazowieckie Wyszków
Szukam suczki, mazowieckie
Owczarek niemiecki długowłosy
Henio - szpic miniaturowy/
The rules of adding presentations on studs:
1.  The Service publishes presentations only on those stud  that hold appropriate breeding rights or are the only property of  breeders/exhibitors.
2.  Stud presentation placing is free of charge.
3.  Once an announcement has been added it will be listed in the STUD directory.
4.  Stud presentations are segregated by race and in order of addition.

Data that are necessary to complete and add a given presentation
1.  Name and a nickname of a stud
2.  Pedigree number
3. Registration number
4. EMS code in case of cats
5.  Stud’s parents’ data (father and mother)
6. Date of birth
7.  Animal vaccinations and veterinary examination card.
8. Owner’s name and surname.
9. Country, region.
How to add the presentation?
In order to add the presentation, please click the blue button “Add announcement” on the left side of the service. After logging in, please click “Add announcement, advertisement” and choose the category and then subcategory in STUD directory. Another step is to complete data and presentation addition.

How to edit the presentation?
In order to edit the presentation (change, complete, delete), please log in and then click “My studs” button which is placed on the left. Then there will be displayed a list of Users’ presentations. Each presentation has its own “edit” icon, please click it and then enter  your changes. In order to save changes, please click “Save changes” button.