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Add your breeding. Zoomia – is a place where Animals can find a real home with loving owners.

One can find here advertisments and information on cats, dogs, fish, hamsters, ferrets, degus, rabbits, mice, guinea pigs, rats, chinchillas, pigeons, canaries, parakeets and parrots, lizards, spiders, snakes, turtles and other animals.

Exceptionally for pedigree animal  breeders, we would like to offer following services :
  • A free presentation in the Breeders Directory in which a User can include information about their breeding, contact data, or darling animal photos.
  • Additionally, all breeders are promoted for free in special boxes:
    • all breeders are promoted on a main page, and other ‘s subpages, in “Types of breeding”  announcement block.
    • pedigree dogs breeders are promoted in the Dogs Category, in “Dogs Breeders” advertisement block.
    • pedigree cast breeders are promoted in the Cats Category, in “Cats Breeders” advertisement block.
In advertisement block there are displayed randomly 6 different breeders at one time. These links are being changed after each Website refresh.
  • Each breeder will receive a free advertisement link in Zoomia Website Service for a month.
On the Website service in the same time there are displayed randomly 3 advertisement links which are being changed after each Website refresh. Each advertisement can be placed by clicking on “ Add Advert” button, or by choosing  “Advertisement Link”.  After completing the data form (link title, description and www address (URL), please choose a “Promotion” Plan .

To add your breeding to the Breeders Directory, please register. Registration is completely free of charge.
The breeders who are not registered in any organizations will be removed from this type of account.
If you do not download any image then your entry will not be displayed  in advertising blocks.
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